Comic Impact Episode 0. Welcome to….

Published on January 1st, 2009

Well kids it is here that’s right

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2009. Also the other day Sheldon and I. Did a podcast just talking a bit about what the site has in mind for your guys and we also talk a bit about the new name of the site. It is just a bit about who we are and what we have in mind for the future of the site.The podcast runs for about 15:00 minutes and we will have a new one on Monday night talking about the Pick of the week for the first week of 2009.

We will also be posting are first cosplay girl on the 5th and the first tattoo of the month on the 10th and make sure to check out the Artist Spotlight on the 15th .All that and will be posting news about your favorite comics and how they impact your world.  Happy 2009  and make sure to add us on myspace and follow us on Twitter.


Obviously, we’d love for you to listen every week, so we made it nice and simple. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast just here. This link will open up iTunes and take you to the Comic Impact subscribe page on the iTunes music store. A big, bold THANK YOU to everyone to takes the time to listen and promote out show. We appreciate it more than you know.

Simon Daoudi