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Published on January 12th, 2009

If your pennies are in need of pinching (I said PENNIES, pervs) – and, even if they aren’t, webcomix are a great way to whet your fanboy/girl whistle. Seasoned illustrators and writers have become increasingly involved with the webcomix community, in addition to some phenomenal up-and-comers who use the interwebs as a means to showcase their work. Here’s a quick glimpse at a few of my all-time favorite webcomic destinations.

*SPOILER*  You’re going to need to set aside a few hours for this stuff – it’s hard to peel yourself away once you get sucked in.

Next-Door Neighbor Webcomix presented by SMITH Magazine

NDN promo

“Everybody has a neighbor. No matter how close or how far, we all live next to someone, and we all have a Next-Door Neighbor story,” says NDN Editor Dean Haspiel. And it’s true – and ENTERTAINING.

SMITH Magazine (who are the publishers of the 6-word memoirs and new book Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak) has gathered an amazing cast of characters (including bigtimer veterans and newcomers alike: Harvey Pekar and Rick Veitch, Jonathan Ames and Nick Bertozzi, Ed Piskor, Kevin Colden, Barbara Rushkoff) to contribute comic strips depicting their most memorable next-door neighbor stories – and it’s surprisingly addictive. New installments are posted every two weeks, and I’m always on that like vegan ham on rye.

Check NDN out here: Smithmag.net/NextDoorNeighbor


More from comic mastermind Dean Haspiel, who co-founded this awe-inspiring collective of original, serialized graphic novels, updated daily. These daily updates are a great thing, but – sad, but true – have me clicking the “refresh” button like a madwoman.

I was turned on to ACT-I-VATE from a dear friend who knew I was a fan of Haspiel’s work with NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR and Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, and also to check out an installment from illustrator and all-around kickass galpower Molly Crabapple.

They’ve got over 45 fantastically diverse indie comix on here – from the adventures of a gorilla with an M60 in Simon Fraser’s AGGRO, to the smatterings of teenage anxiety in Michel Fiffe’s Panorama, to Haspiel’s own primordially sexy Billy Dogma. There’s also a comic by one of my favorite creators, Dan Goldman (Shooting War, 08), titled “KELLY,” which is a “brain-blistering psychedelic romance between three people’s conflicting interior landscapes in a tiny shared Manhattan apartment.”

Check out all of the ACT-I-VATE webcomix here: ActivateComix.com

The Chemistry Set

chemistry set

This is another impressive collection of FREE comics, and a kickass place to discover indie comic royalty. From the site:

THE CHEMISTRY SET is a collective of comic creators, exploring what happens when they throw their talents together in the cause of fresh, new, unexpected work. Sometimes we get beautiful synthesis. Sometimes we get explosions. But in every case, we get new comics, delivered every day by talented up-and-coming creators, including three Xeric Award winners.

Check out The Chemistry Set here: ChemSetComics.com

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