Collecting: The Umbrella Academy Figures

Published on January 1st, 2009

theumbrellaacademytoyOne of the big hits in the world of comics in 2008 was Gerard Way ‘s The Umbrella Academy. At first I told my self this is going to suck. I enjoy his music (My Chemical Romance) a lot but what does this guy know about comics.  I love Gabriel Bá’s artwork. Yet I did not feel like reading this book.

Later on I talk to people and they told me it was great. When the trade came out I got my self a copy. I told my self-let’s see what this is all about. I remember the day. I went to get some lunch at Jack in the Box and I read the trade there. After 192 pages I told my self ok now I know why Way got the Eisner for Best Limited Series, and a Harvey for Best New Series for this book. This comic feels Is like if the X-men where in a Terry Gilliam film.

One thing I keep telling my self is this characters would look great on one of my bookcases   come on now Spaceboy is in a ape suit how fucking cool is that?  Well now thanks to Dark Horse Product Development team working closely with Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. We get some Umbrella Academy toys.  I saw the ad in last weeks The Umbrella Academy Dallas number 2.

Now thanks to a press release from Dark Horse we found out more about The Umbrella Academy figures.

The Umbrella Academy Book and Figure Set

Features a previously unused cover by Gabriel Bá for the special digest-sized hardcover. The included 4-inch figure depicts Vanya as The White Violin, poised to end the world in concert with The Conductor and his evil Orchestra Verdammten! It is scheduled for release in April 2009 at a suggested retail price of $24.99.

The Umbrella Academy Figure Set

Features the six members of the Academy, sized to scale, with Spaceboy measuring a beastly 5-inches as the largest figure in the set, and The Boy stacking up at a small-but-substantial 2-inches. The Dark Horse Product Development team worked closely with Way and Bá, adding bold shadowing and strange angles to create uncanny likenesses that evoke the characters exactly as they appear in the comic. The final product is as unique and quirky as the story itself, encasing the six siblings in cylindrical 360-degree packaging that displays the team under an umbrella-shaped dome. See these superheroes in their entire splendor when they hit retail stores in May 2009, with a suggested price of $39.99.

Now I am not going to go out and buy the hardcover since I have the trade but I am going to get the figure set. If I get to meet Gerard Way I will tell him I am sorry for not picking up this book before.

Simon Daoudi