Reviews: The Spirit (The Film)

Published on January 3rd, 2009

Ever wondered how to take a 2D comic and turn it into a 2D movie full of 2D characters? Watch the Spirit and weep. A more mixed up movie you’re unlikely to see in 2009, which is saying that they’ve set the WTF bar pretty high.

Take the look of Sin City, the 1930’s shtick of Dick Tracy, and mix it up with an uneasy feel of Sky Captain the the World of Tomorrow, plus a little Spy Kids, and you have a film that really doesn’t know who it’s aiming at. It misses pretty much every mark. Include a hero who so lacks any kind of charisma,charm or charatcer that you’ll be waiting for any other character to turn up just to break up the monotony.


Now here comes the greatest crime. Take some really sexy women and ‘Sin City’-lite them up, then have so little chemistry or chance of any actual sex that even Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes end up as not that sexy. The film is way less sexy than the posters. Someone needs to serve time for this.

On the plus side Samuel L. Jackson hams it up as the Octopus and injects a little much needed life into the flick. The visuals sometime hit home and a few times the comedy works. I’d tell you a bit about the plot, but why bother.

Hard marking Mat gives it a 6/10, which isn’t the waste of the price of a ticket. If you want a superhero movie to compare it to, think The Shadow.

Mathew Hyde