Review: Young Liars Vol.1 Daydream Believer

Published on January 2nd, 2009

Young Liars Vol.1 Daydream Believer
Written by David Lapham; Artwork by David Lapham

Do you enjoy music, sex, drugs and guns? Well then I have the right book for you if not you can go read Family Circus.

Over the past few months I have been hearing a lot about David Lapham’s new comic Young Liars it is published by Vertigo the first issue was released in March 2008.

youngliarsvol1I hate to jump on to a book when the story line has already started. A lot of the time I tell my self I will pick it up in trades. Lucky for me the Young Liars trade came out the day before Christmas. I start it after I was done reading my weekly comics. Oh my fucking god I was in love with it not only because it has a set list that I am listening to right now as I am posting this review.

Before I go on more about this review. You have to know that I love music and having a comic book that has to due with music in it is true love. I am just like a schoolgirl when she sees Zac Eforn.  Some of my favorite non-comic hero books are Scott Pilgrim and Phonogram so you get the idea right ? I would also like to say at this time I have never read Stray Bullets also by Lapham.

Young Liars kick’s ass from the opening panel to the last panel. If you’re a fan Punk rock in the 1970’s this is what this book feels like as it shifts from scene to scene and from panel to panel (Just like The Ramones). We meet are cast of characters Danny are main character who is in love with Sadie yet who has a bullet lodged in her brain. She talks about The Spiders from Mars not sure if it has do with Ziggy Stardust at this point. Her dad owns a superstore that Danny use to work at. When they both live in Texas before they move to LA and now New York.

They are some more character such as CeeCee or as she is knowing the story as Big C who use to be a groupie. Now she has Syphilis so she can’t have children. She hates Danny and Sadie but she is ok with Donnie the male cross-dresser.

Then we have Annie X a former fashion model that is Bulemic and Runco he may be rich but is obsessed with Get-Rich-Quick schemes. That makes out the list of the main characters in Young Liars. There is a group of people looking for Sadie name the Pinkerton.

The book opens with Sadie kicking some guy’s ass in a club in New York City. As Donnie shoots Heroin in the bathroom. We get a back-story of how Danny meet Sadie and how he comes home one day see the head of his best friend severed in his house.

That only the first two parts of the story I don’t want give away the story of this book for you but let just say that Lapham is doing something that has not been done in Comics in a long time. As he is the author and also the main artist on the book.

One of my favorite non-comic book authors is Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Survivor, Invisible Monsters) if you have read any of his work before. You know is characters are all a bit fucked up Well they are not that fucked up next the characters in Young Liars.  I would love to tell you more about the story but then I would be spoiling the best comic of the past year.

All I have to say is go out by this book turn up some old school Bowie and The Clash. Rock out as this book kicks some major ass and makes you want some more at the end. Yeah I am not waiting for the next trade. I am going to the store to pick up the issues I have miss so I will be catch up by the next issue that is due January 14 2009. Because if I have to wait for the next trade I will go ape shit.

Simon Daoudi