Pick of the Week: January 2nd 2009:Fantastic Four #562

Published on January 5th, 2009

So the first POW podcast is now up and after reading over 17 books this week.What made the pick of the week for the first  week of 2009. Also I talk  a bit about my love for Mark Millar. How this was  a bloody week in comics and more fun stuff.

Sorry for the bad audio we will  fix that before the next show.


Running time: 00:25:46

0:0:01 Intro with Comic girl
0:0:14 Welcome message
0:1:15 Matt’s review of The Spirit
0:2:13 What is POW !!!
0:3:02 What will be on the site every monday night for now on.
0:3:33 Doctor Who Forgotten #5
0:4:35 Green Lantern #36
0:6:35  Kick Ass # 5
0:9:14  War Machine #1
0:11:11 Wolverine #70
0:13:31 THE PICK OF THE WEEK Fantastic Four #562
0:21:23 We talk about a bit about  the up coming up Artist Spotlight with Chris G.
0:24:45 Comic impact on iTunes.
0:25:12 Outgoing message with Comic girl.

Simon Daoudi



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