Simon’s Resolutions for 2009

Published on January 1st, 2009

So do you guys and girls have some 2009 resolutions don’t lie we all do. But this time I want to  know what are some of your resolutions for this year ?  I don’t  want to hear about how you’re going to the gym more and stop smoking.  I want know some of your resolutions in the world of comics…..

Here is my list

  • ffvol21. Read more comics I know it sounds nuts but I have some trades that I have that I have never read I need do that such as I want to catch up with The Walking Dead by March so I can read it in issue. I want to be done with Y The Last Man,The Exterminators and Fables by this time next year.
  • 2. Read all of my Spider-Man and Fantastic Four omnibus. I hope to get volume two of the Fantastic Four omnibus. I am  trying to read all the Stan Lee main Marvel books I am reading  the Avengers essential vol.1 right now.
  • 3. Read all the DC’s Crisis before Final Crisis is out in trade. Then read it in trade. So I have to read Crisis on infinite earths,Identity Crisis,Infinite Crisis. One more time.
  • 4. Work on my Spider-man and Batman tattoos they need some colors. Since I just have the outline done and get more comic book ink.
  • 5. Sometime last month I told my self I was going to try get a full run of all the Uncanny X-Men since issue 1. Well I know it is  not going to get done this  year that would be a wet dream come true but I want to work on getting a good 150 issues since I am missing around 320 at the time of this blog.
  • 6. Also work on my Marvel Legends action figure since I am only missing a few X-Men (Who wants to send me a Kitty Pryde)  and start working on my Avengers.
  • 7. Go back and read all the Kirby forth world.
  • 8. Make this site and podcast a great site for everyone read it and listen to the podcast. I want everyone to enjoy there time on the site.

I will be back next year around this time and we will see how I did in my resolutions. But now I have a lot of reading to do. Oh yeah and Happy 2009.

Simon Daoudi