Collecting: Justice League Unlimited 3-packs

Published on January 5th, 2009

So I was just checking my Facebook before  I was going to bed I saw that Matty Mattel had post this on his Facebook page.

jlu3pack“Wanted to give all the number crunchers a good look at what we can expect from JLU by the numbers in 2009.

At Target we are planning:

  • 20 singles
  • 8 3-packs
  • 4 6-packs (Fall only similar to 2008 release schedule)


4 4-packs (one per quarter)
1 Convention Exclusive

We have already tipped our hand with quite a lot of 2009 at SDCC last summer, so new reveals will be off for a while as retail catches up. But you can expect a lot of great surprises all year long! Wave 3 figures (3 packs Cheetah and Batman Beyond) and singles (Green Lantern, Booster Gold, Ultraman, Dr. Fate and Parasite – plus some more Sinestro Corps Uniform and Batman with Wonder Pig in the case packs) should be out soon.”

I don’t buy any of these but what do you guys think of these ?  Let us know

Simon Daoudi