Interview: Chris Giarrusso

Published on January 15th, 2009

Chris Giarrusso, AKA Chris G, is the first in a series of super-interviews here at Comic Impact as part of our Artist Spotlight, where we chat with some of our favorite artists about their influence on the comic world and their personal endeavors.

Chris G is best known for his work on Mini Marvels, transforming your favorite Marvel heroes into the most adorable lil’ things (think of it like the Muppet Babies of Marvel characters). The newest release of Mini Marvels, Mini Marvels Secret Invasion is due out in February, and while you’re waiting, be sure to get your hands on the most recent issue: Mini Marvels Rock, Paper, Scissors. He’s also worked on Thor Number 600 and at Image Comics with his own character, G-Man, whose one-shot was just re-solicited to be on sale this month.


Join Simon and Sheldon as they talk with Chris G for this month’s Artist Spotlight, covering his work on G-Man, Marvel and much more. Make sure to check out Chris G’s website for all the latest news and upcoming convention appearances.

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Simon Daoudi