Podcast: Know Your Ledger

Published on January 12th, 2009


On this roundtable podcast Simon and Sheldon talk about Heath Ledger winning the Golden Globes as The Joker, and also talk a bit about Watchmen.What does Simon think of the Dark Avengers and the Wizard World cancellations? There’s a whole lot more fun stuff too including our game Know Your Ledger!!!


Running time: 00:42:20

0:0:01 Intro with Comic girl
0:0:14 Welcome message
0:3:00 Obama variant cover on eBay
0:3:57 Heath Ledger WINS
0:6:55 Know your Ledger
0:13:55  Watchmen news
0:25:40  What and Who are the Dark Avengers
0:34:21  Eva Longoria as Maria Hill in the Avengers film
0:35:02  Conventions news
0:39:49 iTunes and Facebook
0:42:00 Outgoing message with Comic girl.
0:42:14 WTF ?

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Simon Daoudi