Collecting: Blackest Night Series 1 Figures

Published on January 18th, 2009

blackestnighttoysIts release date of September 2009 isn’t any time soon, but I went ahead and pre-ordered the first way of Blackest Night Series 1 Set of Four Figures.

DC Direct is proud to produce action figures for THE event of the summer – the beginning of the highly-anticipated “Blackest Night” storyline! Included in this series are Earth-2 Superman, the first member of the lifeless, emotionless Black Lanterns to be revealed. Boodikka, the veteran corpsman who was among the first to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps’ own policing unit, the Alpha Lanterns.

Saint Walker, the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps, which champions hope in the universe; and Atrocitus, Abin Sur’s killer and the first to utilize the power of blood and rage to become a member of the Red Lantern Corps which is out to destroy both the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps!

All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. The Saint Walker and Atrocitus figures include lantern accessories, and the Boodikka figure comes with a removeable face plate.

I know we’re eight months away, but keep your eyes peeled for reviews when we get them. What do you guys think – am I nuts for ordering this far in advance? And will you be reading Green Lantern: The Blackest Night by Geoff Johns? I know I will be.

Simon Daoudi