Collecting: Batman The Brave and The Bold Figure

Published on January 13th, 2009

batmanbarveboldfigureAt Comic Impact, we sure do love our action figures. As a big Batman fan myself, I always try to get my hands on a Batman figure from different lines whenever I see a new one. For some time now I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I would walk into a store and see the Batman The Brave and The Bold figures gleaming on the shelves. I had been seeing these figures online and was in love with the packaging design; and last night, almost like serendipity, check out what Comic Girl and I found at Target!

The guy at Target told me they had just put them out the other day and already only had a few left. Donning the shelves were Red Tornado and, to my delight, The Dark Knight himself. Now that I have opened this figure (Batman Battle Slam), I can tell you a bit about this bad boy.

Here’s is the lowdown: the figure is a bit bigger then a GI JOE. The details are not as great as the DC Universe Classics line since it’s based on the character design from Batman The Brave and The Bold TV show.


The articulation is standard, but not that great –  his head does not move up or down, just moves sideways, and you can’t bend his legs. His arms can be bent, which is a plus, yet I think it’s the standard for this line.

The paint on this figure is, thankfully, very clean. As someone who has designed toys before, it’s something that I notice right away, and I loved that his cape was made out of fabric.



This figure comes with a Battle Slam weapon, of which the design makes me think of an old Batmobile logo. You can snap the Battle Slam inside any of the holes on this figure.

Final Judgment: 6/10

If you are looking for a Batman figure with great details I say go out and get the DC Universe Classics, also from Mattel. But if you’re looking for a cool-looking Batman to have next to you on your desk at work, then this is the right one for you.

This is a unique line for sure, and despite its lack of bendability and movement, I know I will buy more from this line. I’m also going to keep my eyes peeled for the Guy Gardner and Blue Beetle, if they decide to make one.


Simon Daoudi